((glitch pointillism))
brain fog 2: nebulous
*torpedo factory art center ((2023)) post grad showcase* 

(brain fog 2: nebulous)
acrylic on mirrors

from a studio (apartment) in Logan circle :)

(s/o lianna, wes, naomi, lucas, and catie!)
portal 11112023
self portrait 1052023 bloomed kinda late (so forgive me for the pace (i heard they only care about a wizard if his wizardry is great))))))))))
((palette sample 1.7))
torpedo factory art center post-grad residency // life is meaningless, thank god for acid!  
leave a <3 -->  take some art 
(artist talk ((AT THE END OF THE AISLE) (trailer))))
((pov)):: top floor of Azkaban with some dementors at a art show. lotta pot smoke. watchin donnie darko.
work$pace$ (smmr 2023)
its about a quarter after 1
self portrait 3262023 (its 10am in cozumel (for a moment maybe all is well (check outs at 12 (couple flights its back to hell)))
(ok the art gods just crowned me the prince of pointillism (now im pacin back and forth waitin till they pass the torch (thinking (lifes a man about 40 4 kids in a sad divorce ((his voice is horse))))
self portrait (feelings fading (winters excruciating (im on the corner of 15th and independence (hallucinating))))
interstellar ((((black hole (worm hole (bat cave (k hole)
a logan circle self portrait 
(ill pick the topic of conversation (its a celebration (!!! (lets toast to the fact that i moved out my grandmas basement (to a logan circle studio (its all about location (were drinking Narragansett with some swishers in rotation)))))) 
self portrait 1152023 (inner dialogue!)
self portrait 11222022 
(if this is the last time we break the tension (ill remember you mentioned (us in another dimension ((together (and everythings better)))))
self portrait 11252022 
((jason had this girl tammy with a purple bently (she ran over his feelings very very very gently)))
(rollin thru rows of row homes and yeah im only 6'7 but im feelin like im 7'6)
self portrait 10162022 ((lazy sun daze))
(painting these ballads)
((hoping theyre valid))
self portrait 1072022 brain fog
self portrait 922022 (floral infities)
dyin out west, tryin my best
dyin out west (vol. 2)
things change
leaves fall
time heals all
and i guess heels really do hurt to walk in cause she left'em
((self portrait)) ft. a friend i miss dearly
(the rest of the title in the form of a poem below):
open up the grimoire
late night (no ambien)
and im racing baby anakin till one of us leaves in a ambulance
life is tricky but its fabulous
self portrait 8152022
self portrait 8102022 (running late for the rapture)
cosmic cogs 
(it all just keeps spinnin (ya gotta keep swimmin))
georgetown waterfront
(chocolate city (dont look up youd probly miss me))
self portrait 7262022 (arya was onto something ((faces))
self portrait 7242022 (rock for light)
family portrait (everyone get in here! (assuming we are stardust :) ))
self portrait (6am in punta cana) 
(the breeze is strong so im holding on to the thought of us for dear life)
 call me citi boi,  citi bank,  im a kamakazi
what happened to the hippies?
(sample 1.7)
self portrait 7192022 (((do not text)) ((gemini rights)))
so many stimulants ((vol. 2)) bunny hoppin thru the void now
self portrait 7122022 (dementors like a front row seat for self destruction (as do i))
 whole bag :/
send god paintings to repent
instructions below:
 self portrait 722022  (( probably somewhere in utah
*me and one of my favorite students (who's 4 years old) sitting on the front steps*

her: *holds up penny*
her: "i found a quarter!"
me: ooooo! thats a penny! a cent.
her: "quarter cent!" :)

*and ya know, im something of a quarter cent myself*
self portrait 6102022 (were swervin thru seas of sunflowers (no brakes))
jet fuel
goddamnit cross planets interstellar never land
self portrait 5172022 
(ducking dodging and dunking on dementors and death eaters (run it back))

(1) jesus and truman  ((denzel was throwin up a prayer, its a hail mary)) 

audio and visual guides -->

(2) self portrait (im jesus shuttlesworth  *timeout*  **sit on bench**  ***drink water(or wine)***  pray for me, i hope god draws up this play for me)
self portrait 5252022 (matchbox)
from oregon to azkaban :)
extra extra
impossible skies ((lakitu is my guardian angel and he deserves a raise))
hi im mac demarco and youre entering the chamber of reflection
we threw a dime to jesus just didnt get the assist
self portrait 562022
self portrait 562022
self portrait 542022 (ant clemons shouldve stayed on hurricane (kanye replacing him with weeknd feels like the epitome of music commercialization idk (is the singing better? (sure (but that hook was never about the level of technical singing (it was about the smirk and tears that well up at the same time when you hear eightyyyyyyyyyyyyy degrees! :') in a way only ant could deliver it (its always better to be emotive than good! {{we will float overrr waaaaaaaaaater :'') i mean cmon}}  (leading into shore!! (ok let me focus (wait one more thing (baby absolutely slid in the new version dont get me wrong (ok where was i (music is the most sacred form of art (like im probably the best photoshop painter in the universe but i cant create anything that can give you some of the feelings music can (i shouldve been a rapper (but the music industry is crazy (first reaction to these awful deals is always to say its hurting the art (but blah blah everything is  subjective blah blah so idk (definitely hurting the humans behind the art (i guess it feels like artists cant get as artsy with it though ya know (and yet still its so cool the way the sound of hip hop has evolved despite artist being in perpetual debt and having to overthink the art that should naturally pour out of them (where my carti stans at? (wlr being received so negatively at first and then really appreciated a lot in a short amount of time maybe is bc i think people realized this is what we want no! need artists to do (even if you miss its like hey carti at least got artsy with it (and cant say it enough producers dont get enough credit (pierre bourne and f1lthy have objectively and significantly influenced the art that you are currently scrolling through right now (how are producers not clearly half the equation? (at least!! (can you imagine if drake kanye and baby said were gonna destroy labels and streaming services (no no not like tidal (idk can you nationalize the music industry? (just ramblin (praying artists someday seize the means))))))))))))))))
audio guide for this one^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJQDMHFTlqE
self portrait  ((unraveling) (growing still))  
citi boi citi bank  

((did citigroup really choose obamas whole cabinent?))  
sheesh (free assange)

rainbow road//chocolate city  
sing charmander sing
studio studio studio (maybe someday a 1-bed room)
too many hours in the gym!
im corny as nebraska :/
national mall  ((chambers and pools of reflection))
self portrait (tidal basin (every day patches the night ((up) late painting))))
some light years ago
self portrait (this is your reminder to call home, city boy!)
god was probably just lonely lmao
cant hate - i wouldve done the same thing ((this is also a self portrait))
self portrait (492022 ((tim) Leary Showed(me) Dots)))  ((did that man really cooperate with the fbi? smh the hippies went out sad))
self portrait (dc ski team (492022))
 (gates of heaven (BLOCK BY JAMES!! (492022))))
pale blue dots, all of us :') maybe were taller in other dimensions
((422022)) self portrait
youre just a welder, keeping it all together
self portrait  (something something sisyphus stumbling)
drop tabs, lava lamps, or anything but bombs really
health insurance @ 26
self portraits (baby blue BowWow duey)
fl<3wers! :)
(self portraits (dc ski team))
me rn
earth tones (3102022)
thought loops :/
self portrait 2222022
big bang (2222022)
art isnt competitive its self exploratory :) (2182022) 
she call me a wizard like Gilbert Arenas (2182022)
self portrait 292022 (bloom! bloom! bloom!)
1232022 (ds2*)
"Stadium Armory!" (feet dont fail me now!)
 me (a 24 year old) smiling at 20 4 year olds (smiling at me)  :))))))
my two best metaphors for teaching so far
let my minddddd
first year! (well, first in person(technically second))
 the work is pretty beautiful (1212021)
self portrait 11272021
1182021 (im teaching art :) it fills and drains my heart)
7 horcruxes
you are a single flower in an endless field. nevertheless, bloom! 
8282021 (orange quit)
((the house is burning))
self portrait 7202021
self portrait 6172021
go listen to Ryan Moon's album: Ryan Moon  !! 
Chocolate City (ridin thru youd probly miss me)
Beachwood City Park West 
mental gymnastics and laps after practice
(im nervous (im anxious (i hop in a spaceship)))
warmmmmmm jets
my 2am lunch break @ DCL1 
outerspace travelers in lavender
self portrait 2182021
self portrait 2172021
2020: boundless wonder at the absurdity of existence
back to normal
Ten Tents near Logan Circle
Earl (Head in the clouds (toes in the struggle))
(Behind the wheel
like a brand new submarine))
Self Portrait (Oh no, the places it'll go!)
Self Portrait (Oh no, the places it'll go! (vol.2-4))
Self Portrait (Tolland)
Self Portrait (A Loop Through Times Square)
(Self Portrait(See Shrink(Why Worry)))
Self Portrait (4192020)
Self Portrait (Nobody move there's blood on the floor//and I can't find my heart)
Perfect Self Portraits in First Person
Audio Guide
Perfect Self Portraits in First Person
Self Portraits (black panthers, chancellors, and homeless travelers in lavender)
My grandpa used to carry a flask
She know, but still we fight ego
a conversation with Jordan
Oh, the places the mind will go!
Literally (Vol. 1)
Vilanova i la Geltrú
Summer 2019 (look at all these new faces)
Literally (Vol. 2)
literally (vol. 12)
i la Geltru
just like me
"***** ****** ** * ****"
vote blue, shame red!! (jk i think voter shaming is wack and the democratic party is hopeless (i always wonder if didactic art is bad (free assange till its backwards)))

poetic self portrait 932023 
(can't quite confidently conclude if anyone could care to continuously consume this diary but i haven't posted since may ((sorry 4 the wait)) and since you asked (uhh) I'm frolicking away 
from a fling in the forest of Nebraska ((afraid of what she'd say so please don't ask her)) constantly concerned we can't commit to love for life so in 2075 probably have a good cry then die, old, cold, and alone in Alaska 
((fast forwarding through life I lapped ya)) 
now its 4:30 on the 3rd sunrise of September ((so naturally)) im mixing beers and daiquiris to quiet the thoughts that are often harassing me 
((((paint all day! then im fast asleep on the floor of the torpedo factory -they gave me a studio- (how flattering) a creative space, all mine, third floor, castle in the sky 
((((some of my coolest creations are simply metaphors for being high)))) 
on a jet to McPherson space station exploring our collective imagination 
((goddamn i love alliteration))
3 tabs on my tongue so awareness is temporarily toggling between terribly twisted and terrifically trippy 
looking through a portal or maybe merely a musty metro window with an arch (now its kicking in, feelin loose (no starch)) 
good morning its 4:43 (almost turning 27 thought all my dogs would go to heaven then i stopped believing around 2011 (just a freshman) 
free will is a foolish fable so i guess i was destined 
to have a relentless need for gas and speed with a little caffeine 
but I'm whippin a telsa 
stimulant shortage won't stop the fiesta 
(spread love never hate) combusting blunts from a swisher package that's silver like Nate now its 5:38 
runnin late
cruising down Connecticut crushing casa migos and koolaid 
couldnt concentrate so cut to me crashin like a kamikaze through the white house gates
they said i was speeding but at any rate its not cute anymore my stage lights came on in 1998
whoops 1997 
back to 2011 (aau practice) and we watched our friend Devon 
collapse on the court and die below eyes 
so fast
((you don't have to ask)) smiley face? just a mask 
soon everyone will be ash but lets be clear 
the finish line is near but its not yet here
 so until the day I rest my head and never get out of bed I'm chillin with sexyy red parasailing over the Potomac floating on the breeze heading to southeast 
(washington, dc)
somehow its snowing in september so we bought a magic 8ball and it told us to remember 
be careful when you ski(yeee)  

((my names logan circle (its little old me- eyes red like a fall tree) dying to construct creative countercultural community that i currently cannot see (never catch me selling nfts) 
 (((((((a young mystic)))))) me and bob marley woulda kicked it travel back in time to the 60's maybe figure out what the hell happened to the hippies
((((((work hard lifes hectic)) adderall for breakfast 
my creative pace is so prolific ((it's kinda horrific) but I'm telepathic) probably painting privately cause life's not a blockbuster its more of a cult classic 
excitedly explore the strange and scary parts of your soul as if it were a park named Jurassic
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